ORLANDO, Fla. – Disney Cruise Line has released more details about the Marvel-themed dining experience on its newest ship, the Disney Wish, which is set to make its maiden voyage June 2022.

What You Need To Know

The ship will feature a restaurant called Worlds of Marvel, where Marvel characters such as the Avengers will play a big part in what Disney is calling a “cinematic dining adventure.”

On Thursday, Disney revealed that the experience will be called “Avengers Quantum Encounter” and follow Ant-Man and The Wasp, who have embarked on their first public speaking engagement on behalf of the Avengers. During a special presentation showing off powerful super hero items such as Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s arc reactor, the pair elicits the help of Captain America, Captain Marvel and even diners when an unexpected villain arrives.

The whole adventure will unfold around diners through scenes displayed on screens surrounding the room, hands-on demonstrations that don’t always go as planned, and Quantum Core devices that can cause objects to shrink and grow remotely. Each table at World of Marvel will have its own Quantum Core.

As far as food, the restaurant will feature dishes inspired by places in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Wakanda, Sokovia and New York City.

In addition to revealing more about Worlds of Marvel, Disney also shared details about other dining options aboard the Disney Wish.

The ship will also have Marceline Market, which gets its name from Walt Disney’s early childhood hometown Missouri. The dining spot will include 10 food stalls themed after different Disney animated films such as “Tangled,” “Ratatouille,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Zootopia.” The stalls will have a menu of American classics, international specialties, seafood, soups, salads, vegetarian and plant-based options as well as baked goods and desserts.

On the upper deck, passengers will find Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods, an open-air eatery serving barbecue, Mexican-inspired dishes, pizza, American classics and ice cream from five themed food stalls.

As previously announced, the Disney Wish will feature a Frozen-themed dining experience, an adults-only Star Wars lounge and bar as well as Disney's first-ever attraction at sea.


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