WASHINGTON — Central Florida Congressman Maxwell Frost stood beside President Joe Biden at the White House Friday as Biden formally announced the creation of a federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention

What You Need To Know

  • Rep. Maxwell Frost introduced President Joe Biden at the White House Friday ahead of Biden's announcement of a federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention

  • Frost introduced a bill for the creation of an Office of Gun Violence Prevention in Congress

  • Frost was formerly the National Organizing Director for March for Our Lives 

Frost was once the national organizing director for March for Our Lives, a group seeking to end gun violence. The first bill he introduced as a freshman representative this year proposed the idea. But, it has lacked Republican support in a divided Congress. 

"We wanted to try to get passed here in the House, but we know it's difficult and sometimes when you're the minority, you have to get creative and figure out other ways that you can implement laws that you think are very important," Frost told Spectrum News ahead of Friday's event. 

Biden has created the office through executive action. Vice President Kamala Harris will oversee the office, and one of Biden’s policy advisors, Stefanie Feldman, will serve as its director. 

Its creation comes after the passage of the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which Biden signed last summer following mass shootings in Buffalo, N.Y. and Uvalde, Texas.

That gun safety legislation included funding for states to set up “red flag laws” and money for mental health services. 

"They're also going to be working at helping to disperse a lot of the funds that we have right now for the bipartisan Safer Communities Act," Frost said of the new office. 

As Biden seeks re-election, Frost, the first Gen-Z member of Congress, said he believes the steps the administration has taken to help reduce gun violence will energize younger Americans to vote.

"It's a huge issue," Frost said. "When you speak with younger voters, the top things they’re going to talk about are the climate crisis, gun violence and civil rights, and protecting our rights,."

Although Biden has now created the office through executive action, Frost says he’ll still push for passage of his legislation so that the office cannot be dismantled by a future administration.