ORLANDO, Fla. — Just released numbers from Visit Florida show renewed promise for the tourism industry as it recovers amid the ongoing pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Hotel rooms sold statewide this quarter are up about 62% from this time last year

  • Domestic visitors accounted for 96% of that total

Quarter 3 (July to September) 2021 estimates more than 32 million visitors to Florida, which is more than a 60% increase from the same period in 2020, Visit Florida shows.

Quarter 3 data is also .3% higher than 2019, marking the first quarter it's exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

Domestic visitors accounted for 96% of that total, but international visitors will likely soon challenge that number with the recent lift of the travel ban.

Orlando International Airport has the highest passenger count of any airport during that time at 5.3 million, which is up 200% from last year.

Orlando Sanford International Airport is also up 113% compared to this quarter last year.