ORLANDO, Fla. — Soon some Walmart customers will be able to get alcohol from the store without leaving their home.

  • Walmart to offer alcohol delivery in nearly 200 stores in California, Florida
  • Service is subject to local and state regulations
  • Customers can order through the Walmart grocery website

The discount chain announced Wednesday that some residents in California and Florida will be able to order alcohol from Walmart's grocery website and have it delivered to their homes.

The service will be available in nearly 200 stores in those two states.

Walmart says that the new program is subject to local and state regulations, such as blue laws which restrict when businesses can sell alcohol.

Alcohol is already available at some stores for Walmart's pickup service, where customers can shop online, then have their order loaded into their car for them at a specific pickup time. 

The service is largely available for beer and wine, but some locations are able to sell spirits as part of the pickup service too.

Walmart said it had expanded its adult beverage pickup option to 2,000 locations across 29 states, including Florida, California and Texas.