VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Volusia County has launched a webpage dedicated to providing frequent updates on the proposed fuel farm in Ormond Beach.

Requested by the county council, the page gives residents up-to-date information on developments surrounding the proposed fuel terminal at 874 Hull Rd.

These updates will delve into aspects such as the history and conception of the proposed project, relevant documents, the status of developments, upcoming stakeholder meetings, and collaborative endeavors with the City of Ormond Beach and other partners, according to Volusia County.

As of Wednesday, Sept. 27, Volusia County has not received a development application, a final site plan, or a traffic impact analysis.

Residents, along with city and county leaders, have raised concerns over the potential risks to the community due to its proximity to the city’s youth sports complex, residential zones, and critical watersheds like the Tomoka River.

The potential strain on local infrastructure, traffic, and the increased demand for emergency services has also been a part of these concerns.

According to the air construction permit, the Ormond Beach Terminal would contain 16 storage tanks, holding 20.4 million gallons of fuel.

The terminal will be used to “load gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and biodiesel into trucks” and achieve a maximum truck loading of more than 350 million gallons of fuel per year. 

Last week, the Ormond Beach City Commission voted to not provide utilities to Belvedere Terminals for their project.