SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — One week after a Seminole High School student was shot on campus, district officials are vowing to make schools safer for students, according to a message Seminole County Public Schools Superintendent Serita Beamon sent to families last night.

What You Need To Know

"All students should expect to come to school to learn in a safe and caring environment. Acts of violence will not be tolerated on our Seminole County Public School (SCPS) campuses and any such behavior will be addressed with firm and swift consequences," Beamon said during her message via a robocall to SCPS families. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 19, 18-year-old Jhavon McIntyre was shot inside Seminole High School by a 16-year-old student, police say over a disagreement between the two. The alleged shooter is being held in Seminole County juvenile justice, facing charges of attempted murder.

Beamon said, along with having additional district leadership on campuses every day since, they have already taken action to address what they call behavioral issues that impact the education of students. 

Increased counseling will be available for Seminole High School students and staff, Beamon said. And during a confidential safety and security meeting on Tuesday, the school board has now engaged with a third-party entity for school safety, security and emergencies to help the district formulate next steps.

"Events such as the one we have just experienced emphasize the critical role we all play in educating our students," Beamon said in her message to SCPS families. 

SCPS stated the district will also create a task force made up of community members, law enforcement and the district to take on school safety issues moving forward.

As for the shooting, SCPS stated the district is fully cooperating with the police as they continue their investigation.