ORLANDO, Fla. — For people worried about future cruises because of the coronavirus, Disney cruise line has made temporary adjustments to their cancellation policy.

Guests currently booked on European sailings through a July 25 departure can change their reservation up until the day before the trip.

They can also receive a 100 percent cruise credit for future trips within 15 months. The cruise line will also be screening all passengers before boarding.

Anyone who traveled to and from China within two weeks will not be able to board. 


Carnival Cruises is offering an alternative to their customers who have concerns about traveling at sea during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Customers who choose to reschedule will be given "Onboard Credits"
  • Citrus Co. couple heard about options on social media, postponing their trip
  • Company is not allowing customers to cancel

In a letter, Carnival informed passengers who were concerned about coronavirus and who wanted to reschedule their trip between now and May 31st 2020 will be be given incentives in the form of "Onboard Credits."

Those options are exactly what Lecanto couple Ann and Brian Bisson were hoping to hear after they learned they would be penalized if they canceled. 

“They aren’t allowing you to cancel, they are allowing you to postpone," Brian Bisson said. "So if we can postpone and not lose $718, I would rather do that."



The Bissons said they heard about the letter Carnival sent out through social media. But postponing their 54th wedding anniversary trip was not what they had in mind.

“We’ve been going on anniversary cruises for 20 years, I would say," Ann Bisson explained. "Even though we were afraid to go this time, the sentimental part of us wanted to go because every year we go on a cruise."

However, the couple has health issues. Ann is 72 and has COPD and other health conditions. Brian is 73 and has health issues, as well. Together, it's too much risk to ignore.

“At our age, which is up there, we can’t take a chance. I don’t want to die just to go on a cruise ship,” Ann said. “People like me, I’m scared to death. I’m scared to death to get it!”




Vice-President Mike Pence, who is leading the White House's response to the coronavirus, is set to meet with cruise line executives this weekend to see if there’s anything else that can be done to ensure people are being kept safe. 

It’s an assurance the Bissons are banking on to calm their fears.

“This, too,will pass,” said Ann.” It will pass and when it’s over with, we will resume life. Because we don’t have much left, so we got to enjoy what we can now.”