ORLANDO, Fla. — Just off International Drive, at ICON Park, an attraction called Museum of Illusion Orlando offers visitors a chance to play with perception and explore how the brain works.

What You Need To Know

  •  Museum of Illusions Orlando celebrating its anniversary

  •  The attraction opened in early 2021 and has welcomed more than 200,000 visitors

  • It's now ready to add a new exhibit that's inspired by downtown Orlando

​The museum features more than 50 exhibits. There's the Infinity Room, where visitors can appear to have multiplied themselves. And then there's the Ames Room, where visitors can appear larger or smaller than the person next to them.

The exhibits are based on math, science and psychology. And they offer Instagram-ready moments. It's both educational and entertaining.

The museum opened in early 2021 in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And while that wasn't ideal, the museum adjusted to the ever-changing environment, and it's now celebrating its first anniversary.

In its first year, it managed to welcome more than 200,000 visitors.

Marc Gregory Tipton, the sales and marketing manager, credits that success to the museum's unique exhibits, which gave people something new to experience. He also credited the staff for making that experience a great one for visitors.

"We have an extremely awesome staff," he said. "The staff are a big part of the experience. They will give you the poses in the exhibits you immerse yourself in.They are there to laugh with the guests."

Now a year in, the museum is ready for its next illusion — one that's uniquely Orlando. The new exhibit will let visitor experience what it's like to dangle from the edge of a downtown Orlando building.

"This will be inspired by the Orchid Garden downtown that's next to the Cheyenne Saloon," Tipton said.

It won't look exactly like the building, but it will be very similar, according to Tipton. 

As for when the new exhibit will open, Tipton would only offer a timeline of "soon."

In the meantime, Museum of Illusions will offer a discount on admissions next month. General tickets will cost $19.99 per person, down from the usual price of $24.99.

For more information, visit moiorlando.com.


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