ORLANDO, Fla. – Universal Orlando has sent out another survey related to possible reopening plans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Universal Orlando sends out another survey about reopening

  • Survey poses different hypothetical scenarios guests could encounter

  • One scenario was limited capacity and only one park open

In a survey released last month, Universal mostly asked what respondents thought about possible measures that could be implemented, including limited park capacity and a virtual line system.

But a survey sent out Thursday takes it a few steps further, asking respondents what they know about COVID-19 (including symptoms), where they get their news about the virus, and how they would feel if procedures such as temperatures checks and rapid COVID-19 tests at entry were conducted.

Respondents were asked how comfortable they would be if face coverings were required.

The survey also posed several hypothetical scenarios about what the parks could look like when they reopen.

In one scenario, Islands of Adventure would be the only park to reopen, while Universal Studios would remain closed. Capacity at the park would be “slightly limited” at 75 percent and all rides would be open. Guests would be seated in every other seat and employees would clean the ride vehicles between each cycle.  In the same scenario, ticket prices would be reduced by 50 percent and annual passes would be honored.

Respondents were asked how likely or unlikely they would visit Universal in that scenario.

But in another hypothetical scenario, Universal Studios reopened but Islands remained closed and park capacity was “heavily limited” to only 25 percent. Only the most popular rides in the park would be open during this scenario and employees would sanitize vehicles between each cycle.

There would be special “VIP” experiences in this scenario and the cost of admission would be doubled. Also, annual passes would not be honored.

Several different hypothetical scenarios were reportedly sent out with different capacity levels, park status and pricing.

Respondents were also asked about various hypothetical reopening dates, including July 1, August 1 and December 1, with July being the earliest suggested date and December being the latest.

Universal’s newest survey comes just a few days after SeaWorld sent one to passholders about possible reopening measures. The theme parks are trying to gauge how comfortable people are about returning to the parks and under what circumstances.

Universal Orlando’s theme parks have been closed since mid-March and no reopening date has been announced. Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando have also not released reopening dates for their parks.

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