SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — One Casselberry neighborhood dealt with substantial flooding following multiple days of substantial rain last week.

What You Need To Know

  • Days of rain last week caused flooding in Casselberry's Summerloch Green neighborhood

  • Standing water was starting to recede Monday

  • A resident said the weir was blocked by debris

  • Casselberry's city manager said a crew went out to ensure the weir is open

As of Monday morning, the area was still flooded, but some of the water that was formerly overflowing from the lake appeared to have receded.

While most parts of Central Florida dried out, the water in the Summerloch Green neighborhood rose last week.

The area is no stranger to flooding. In August, residents said they were waiting on a seawall construction to protect their homes.

“I was told in January of 2019 work was going to begin on the wall,” resident Cindy Connors said in August. “We never got any work.“

Now, Connors said flooding is still very much a concern.

Over the weekend, residents said parts of the seawall were underwater as standing water collected.

“So I looked up the city manager, and I sent him an email. And he said, ‘Okay, we will get the weir open.’ Three hours later that same day, the water raised another 3 inches and covered my dock,” Connors said over the weekend. “I got a friend, and we went around to see that the weir is open, but it is blocked with debris. There’s a lot of debris in here.”

A representative with the city said they were sending after-hours crews and confirmed the weir had been opened.