OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — A viewer says the after school pickup line for a charter school is causing safety concerns in Poinciana.

Cheryl Butler says the pickup line for Renaissance Charter School at Poinciana requires drivers to park in the right lane of Poinciana Boulevard. The line of cars can back up all the way back to Orange Blossom Trail.

What You Need To Know

  • Cheryl Butler says drivers park on Poinciana Boulevard waiting to pick up students at Renaissance Charter School

  • Butler says the after school pickup line blocks the right lane of Poinciana Boulevard, causing safety concerns

  • Butler says school should open the gate to allow some of the traffic to wait in the school’s parking lot

  • Spokesperson for school says the gate closure was implemented as a safety precaution for students

“It is crazy,” said Butler, “It’s just insanity that you have to have to go an hour and a half and sit in line for an hour and a half to pick up your child.”

Even though it’s only a three-minute drive to Renaissance Charter School, Butler and her husband will wait in the long line of cars to pick up their student.

Spectrum News rode along with them as they got their spot in the pickup line.

“Now we’re on Poinciana Boulevard and it’s an hour before the kids get out of school, and we’re lined up on Poinciana Boulevard illegally because there’s no shoulder so we’re lined up actually in the lane of the highway,” she said.

Butler is concerned other drivers on Poinciana Boulevard won’t notice the backup and rear-end her vehicle.

“Now everybody behind me has to go around me, hopefully they’re paying attention because if they’re not, they’re going to hit me in the back,” she said.

In years past, Butler says, the school would open the gate early to let drivers wait in the parking lot, which helped avoid backups on Poinciana Boulevard.

“If they would just open the gate, a lot less cars would be on the highway,” said Butler.

Spectrum News reached out to the charter school, and a spokesperson says the gate closure was implemented as a safety precaution for students.

“Parents arrive sometimes hours before pickup, which causes safety concerns for students on campus. We are continuing to look into options to help alleviate some of the traffic,” said Collen Reynolds, a spokesperson for the school.

Butler says walking isn’t allowed at the school.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve received complaints about this and they have ticketed drivers for parking on Poinciana Boulevard, waiting in the school pickup line.

They tell Spectrum News it’s up to the school to resolve this issue.

Spectrum News will keep you posted on what happens here.

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