ORLANDO, Fla. — In a strip mall located just off John Young Parkway, you will find a warehouse with a room full of things most people throw away.

What You Need To Know

  • Rage Room Orlando lets you come in and break things like computers and dinner plates
  • Owner says people visit to have a good time, while others come for therapeutic reasons
  • Guests pay and decide what they would like to crush with the baseball bat of their choice
  • The Rage Room is open to everyone 5 and up 

That place is Rage Room Orlando, and inside are two dark rooms that include old glasses, plates, vases, television sets and computers stacked in boxes.

In the rage rooms, guests are allowed to break things that they wouldn’t be able to at home.

Imari Melton is the owner and creator of this destination, where a variety of people come to release their pent-up energy. 

“We get people that come here for divorce parties, kids’ birthday parties, a bunch of different things,” said Melton.

Customers interested in the rage room can make a reservation online to reserve a spot. There, they will break everything from dinnerware to television sets with the baseball bat of their choice.

Rage rooms like this have been popping up around the country and are dedicated places that allow guests to come in and break as many things as they like depending on how much they want to spend.

Melton, a licensed marriage therapist, opened Rage Room Orlando to create a business where those needing therapy could take their grief out by releasing their anger.

“I like to call them internal thinkers, where they internalize their emotions,” she said. “And this place, the rage room, allows them to get those feelings out.”

Jennifer Jenkins visited the rage room to get help following a car accident she was in that killed her brother and his friend.

“I was in a bad car accident,” said Jenkins. “I could not walk. I could not be doing this. I was out for like a year.”

The idea of releasing any frustration she still feels from the crash is therapeutic for her.

“I’m releasing,” she said. “I’m not so mad, so that’s good, and this is the closest thing I will get to therapy.”

Melton says most people don’t treat their emotions properly.

“Jennifer is a perfect example of someone that could benefit from something like this,” Melton said. “It’s just being able to come in and release those emotions, especially someone going through grief.”

Most people that visit the rage room come for fun and to break a variety of things.

Prices start at $20 and go up from there depending on how much time you want to spend in the rage rooms.

Reservations for Rage Room Orlando can be made over the phone or online.