As severe storms moved into Central Florida Tuesday afternoon and evening, reports of hail — some as large as a baseball — started to come in from several counties.

In Lake County, Groveland saw quite a bit of hail, but it was the size of it that caught many off guard. 

“I have never seen hail that big, it was pretty intense," said Dylan Swan, owner of Swan’s Mercantile Vault in Groveland.

Handfuls of Hail are not what Dylan Swan expected to find when he heard strange noises outside his store.

“When I heard the loud thumps I didn’t know what was going on so I came downstairs and I was watching out the front door when it clearly came through the window, broke the window, it actually knocked over some vases and broke those as well,” said Swan. 

Despite glass covering his sidewalk, he was still in disbelief looking at the cell phone video he took out the front door before the weather got too intense.

"It got bad I mean you couldn't even see, it was all white and they were bigger than golf balls it was pretty intense,” said Swan. 

While the storm didn’t last long, it caused quite a bit of damage across the area. As soon as the storm passed, Swan started to clean up himself. 

“I did have to spend the time cleaning up the broken glass inside and also the hail  around the front and the back door when it melted it flooded the back of the store so cleaning that up was a bit of a headache," said Swan. 

Right outside his store, crews got to work fixing a downed power line. Hundreds reported losing power across Lake County. But just on the other side of his property from his business, Swan noticed even more damage at a car lot caused by the unusually large hail.

"You can even see look at the side, look at this boom ... yeah all the vehicles all the hoods, the doors I mean there were some pretty big chunks of hail," said Swan, checking out a damaged Mercedes. 

Overall, Swan considers himself lucky to have weathered the hail safely.  

"It could have been worse, I am happy with it,” said Swan.

According to Lake County officials, they are working on a way for residents to report damage, but at this time, no major structural damage is on their radar.

Below are some of the viewer photos submitted to Spectrum News as the storms moved through the area.