ORLANDO, Fla. — ICON Park on Thursday announced plans to open an 8,000-square-foot entertainment center called Max Action Arena this fall.

What You Need To Know

  • An 8,000-square-foot entertainment center will open this fall

  • Virtual reality, axe-throwing and adventure and escape rooms will be featured

  • It will be the latest addition to the offerings at ICON Park

  • The specific date of the opening has not been disclosed

The center will offer a variety of interactive experiences, including a virtual reality experience, adventure rooms, an axe-throwing session and an escape room. A specific opening date was not disclosed.

As part of Zero Latency VR, up to eight guests at a time are placed in a huge arena to battle or explore, moving freely in open space.

In the adventure rooms, guests can solve a crime with CSI, solve puzzles in a medieval world, adapt to alien abductions or find a way to survive a cursed room.

The escape room is set on Planet Obscura, and visitors try to repair the engine of their damaged spacecraft and launch it before they are stranded in space forever.

Axe-throwing is self-explanatory — like darts, except the game is to hurl axes at a wood target.

“With its cutting-edge VR technology and collaborative experiences, Max Action Arena is the perfect place for friends and family to compete and explore together,” Family Entertainment Group Vice President of Business Development Ray Smith said.