BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Six young people battling pediatric cancer are suiting up as superheroes, part of the Candlelighters of Brevard “Superhero Suit Up Campaign.”

They are currently in treatment, have relapsed, and are the longest in treatment.

What You Need To Know

  • Pediatric cancer patients suit up as their favorite movie crusaders

  • The campaign features 6 Brevard youths who had cancer and relapsed

  • All the participants had cancer and relapsed

  • The Candlelighters of Brevard program raises fun, funds to help with expenses

"To be able to transform our already superheroes, into the superheroes of their dreams," Natasha Duran of Candlelighters of Brevard said.

It's pretty obvious who Sydney Creel's favorite superhero is.

“It's the 'S" on my planet. It's not an "S". It means hope," Creel said.

That is S as in Supergirl, from the planet Krypton.

But here on Earth for the past 12 years — since she was 7 years old —  Creel has battled pediatric cancer.

"Every Friday I get chemo, which has been pretty good to me," she said. "And every Wednesday I get P-T [physical therapy] and O-T. [occupational therapy.]”

There's also Batman, Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Invisible Girl, and Spiderman.

Each child has their name and picture in lights on a movie poster and was treated to his or her own Hollywood red carpet and movie trailer showing earlier this year.

"They have the strength already in them to overcome the villain that is cancer," Duran said. "And you have a Justice League. That Justice League is your mom, your dad, your siblings, but it's also your community."

Brevard County has no pediatric oncologists.

The children and their families must travel elsewhere for the help, incurring costs for driving and hotel stays.

That is an area where these superheroes can use some help from others.

Candlelighters of Brevard met its $20,000 goal in September, but the campaign continues through the end of October.

Creel, like the other children, will continue to battle the villain, suited up or not.

"Supergirl is like a role model for me," she said. "Most of the time I'm pretty strong!"