DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — During the pandemic, live music performances were one of the first things to go.  However, a choir in Daytona Beach has perfected a new way of practicing together — all from the safety of their cars.

What You Need To Know

  • Daytona Beach Choral Society became a “car choir”

  • Members now wear a headset, hold sheet music in their cars

  • It took awhile to get this new format possible, says choir president

The Daytona Beach Choral Society has now become what they are calling a "car choir.” The choir gathers in designated parking lots and driveways, using technology to harmonize the tunes like Drive My Car by the Beatles from afar. 

Choir member Donna Lovelace-Flora said she is no stranger to singing in the car, but never like this. 

“I always sing to my radio, but no, I never would have imagined this,” she said while wearing a headset and holding her sheet music against her steering wheel. 

Choir President Chrystal Heideman worked for months to make this format possible. 

“Creative people don’t take no for an answer. They really, they don’t take resistance very well and they just try and find solutions," Heideman.

When the pandemic started, they tried out virtual practices and concerts, but hit road blocks with some older members. 

“They had to learn all this new technology you know and it was frustrating not having somebody there to guide them," Heideman. “So I said I’ve got to give it my all and really, its brought a lot of positivity during such a weird time.”

After months of researching, buying wireless mics, a switchboard, and many radios, they are now pitch-perfect.

They practice day or night from different driveways for two hours every week. 

For Choir Director Tawn Thomas said that losing choir practice was devastating. 

“It really hit me right here," said Thomas, gesturing to his heart.

But now he is back in the driver’s seat in a way he never expected — but deeply missed.  

“Just being able to hear the harmonies, just being able to hear people and sing together and to see people enjoy singing,” said Thomas. 

Singer Donna Lovelace-Flora feels the same.

“There are some challenges but when you disregard the challenges, what I always remember is how fun it is," she said.

Proof that passion can endure all things, even a pandemic. 

“Music is a timeless art and there is nothing that can stop it," said Thomas. 

Daytona Beach Choral Society put on its first live demonstration on Wednesday, mixing in recordings from those that could not be there. 

Now, members are hoping that their unique way of practicing will attract new choir members who want to share their voices safely. 

For more information on how to join the Daytona Beach Choral Society, click here.