ORLANDO, Fla. — More than 70 people bypassed the dance floor and lined up at the bar at The Beacham nightclub on Monday in downtown Orlando for a round of COVID-19 vaccine.

What You Need To Know

  • Employees who were interested in the vaccine got the shot

  • The Beacham staff hopes this will inspire other businesses to do the same
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There were no bartenders on duty, just medical workers at the popular hotspot giving employees who were interested a shot of the COVID vaccine.

Brittany Graham is a marketing director at the club that is located at the corner of Orange Avenue and Washington Street.

She received a vaccine and says, "It made it easy. It made it simple. I didn't have to search for it. I didn't have to go out and look for it."

John Sanfelippo is the operating partner at The Beacham and says, "We obviously feel it's our duty to make sure our staff is always safe."

Graham adds, "Honestly, I was not going to get the vaccine and when he said he was going to do this I was right there ready to get it." 

Sanfelippo says for their business it was really a no brainer.

"From the beginning when we were able to reopen we went to mandatory face masks, temperature checks, did all the proper protocols to make sure that our staff could remain safe so when we got contacted by Change for the Community to have the opportunity today to vaccinate our staff we didn't even hesitate," he said.

His employees did not hesitate either.

Graham says, "A lot of the younger people I think we're just uneducated about it. We don't know enough about it. They see somebody else do it and it just makes them a little bit more comfortable to do it."

Sanfelippo, meanwhile, hopes it encourages other businesses to vaccinate.

He adds, "Absolutely. It's not only the safety of our staff but the safety of the customers and the more people we can get vaccinated the quicker we can get back to whatever normal is going to be moving forward."