ORLANDO, Fla. – SeaWorld Orlando's new multi-launch coaster, Ice Breaker, is coming along nicely.

SeaWorld invited us to take a quick tour behind the construction walls to see how the coaster is progressing.

Ice Breaker, when it opens this spring, will feature four launches that take riders forward and backwards. Reaching speeds of up to 52 mph, the coaster will have multiple airtime hills and plenty of twists and turns. The coaster will also have the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida—a 93 feet tall spike with a 100-degree angle.

The coaster also has a few "low to the ground" track elements, which makes riders feel like they are going faster than they actually are. In some areas, the track is only four feet off the ground.

"You're going to see the grass whizzing by you and it'll make you feel like you're going even faster than 52 mph," said Brian Andrelczyk, SeaWorld's senior vice president design and engineering.  

Ice Breaker is about two-thirds of the way to completion. The rest of the track still has be installed.

SeaWorld shared a few other tidbits during the tour of the Ice Breaker construction area.

As riders exit the coaster, they will be right next to the launch track, so they will be within inches of other riders who be being sent backward and forward.

As far as theming goes, Ice Breaker is set in the Arctic. So to create the theme, multi-colored gravel and low grass will be added.

A pathway is being built that will take park visitors right under Ice Breaker's beyond vertical spike.

Also, new outdoor seating will be added to Mango Joe's restaurant, which sits right next to the Ice Breaker construction site.

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