Justin Soto joined the Spectrum News 13 team in December 2019. For this Central Florida native, being able to work in a market that holds the communities he knows and loves so well is a dream come true.

More so, Justin is inspired each day by the opportunity to tell stories that can help make a difference or shed light on an important issue that you might not have known about.

For Justin, great storytelling comes from going the extra mile, paying special attention to all aspects of the issue, and giving the viewer the best experience possible. His reason for working at Spectrum News 13? He has the privilege of working with storytellers that are as passionate about journalism as he is.

Throughout Justin’s reporting career, one assignment that resonates with him is his coverage of an East Tennessee woman whose sister was trapped on the island of St. John after Hurricane Maria. Desperate, the woman reached out to his station for help. Justin interviewed the local woman and contacted a local lawmaker to see what could be done. After the story aired and he reached out to the congressman’s office, the local woman’s sister was able to return to the U.S. The local woman says it was Justin’s story that helped get her sister off the island. Justin says it was a powerful and unforgettable experience that reminded him how impactful his job can be.

Outside of the newsroom, Justin, a proud Boston University alumnus, always makes sure to get in quality time with his friends and family. When it comes to hobbies, Justin loves to travel and try new restaurants. A huge animal lover, cat dad, adrenaline junkie, and frequent volunteer, it’s safe to say that Justin can usually be found out and about making an impact on his community.