ORLANDO, Fla. — Police arrested a woman on DUI charges in connection with a crash involving a Lynx bus that injured several passengers and sent the bus driver to a hospital in critical condition early Friday morning.

The crash happened just before 2 a.m. at the intersection of Carter Street and South Westmoreland Drive, just west of downtown Orlando. South Westmoreland Drive was closed between Carter Street and Long Street but has since reopened.

Police arrested Amanda Gilliland, 22, of Daytona Beach, on DUI charges.

Investigators say Gilliland's Toyota Camry had no headlights on and blew through a stop sign at Westmoreland Drive and Carter Street, striking the bus, which then traveled off the road and struck with a concrete wall supporting State Road 408.

The impact broke off a chunk of concrete from a support section of the S.R. 408 overpass.

Police say Gilliland smelled of alcohol and refused field sobriety tests unless she had legal counsel. She was taken to Orange County Jail.

Vera Mason was doing early-morning cleaning at her home when she heard a violent crash.

"I heard a boom like somebody slammed on the brakes, and I was like, 'That’s the bus' — I literally just saw the bus ride by," she said.

Orlando Police say video from a city-operated camera shows a Toyota Camry going through a stop sign on Carter Street and crashing into the Lynx bus, causing it to crash into the concrete support.

Mason rushed onto the bus.

"They’re pulling people off the bus... So I get on the bus, and the driver was pinned, and it was an accident, and they were laid out on the ground," she said. "I’m like (to first-responders), 'You all need to get here.' "

Investigators say the Camry's driver, Amanda Gilliland, smelled like alcohol and had a mark on her hand from a nearby nightclub. Officers arrested Gilliland and charged her with DUI.

Until paramedics could arrive, Mason tried to comfort five people who were riding on the bus, plus the bus driver, who was in bad shape.

"I’m like, 'No sir don’t move, they’re coming,' " she told the driver. "He said he’s hurt and can’t feel anything, and then he began to nod, and I was like, 'No, no they’re coming, they’re coming,' "

Police said five passengers were taken to a hospital with serious injuries. The bus driver, however, was in critical condition.

"I just pray he’s OK," Mason said.

As for the structural integrity of the State Road 408 support column, the Florida Department of Transportation tells Spectrum News 13 that crews who gave it an initial assessment said the overpass is safe for travel.