This week, we are talking about what is perhaps becoming Florida’s fiercest political feud: Gov. Ron DeSantis vs. Disney.

In the last days of the Florida Legislative Session, lawmakers passed House Bill 1557 — Parental Rights in Education, dubbed by critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.  After its passage and support by DeSantis, Disney came out against the bill, and, in a show of support for their cast members, pulled political contributions in Florida. 

DeSantis countered, saying Disney stepped over a line by condemning the legislation and called Disney a “woke” corporation. Beyond that, the governor intimated that perhaps lawmakers in Tallahassee should reexamine the special perks that Disney enjoys in Florida, specifically the Reedy Creek Improvement District designation, which allows Disney to basically operate as its own form of government on its property.

The RCID has been in place since 1967, enacted by the Florida Legislature at the time.  Political analyst and former State Rep. Dick Batchelor joins Ybeth Bruzual and Greg Angel to talk about DeSantis vs. Disney on this week’s Beyond the Soundbite.


Political analyst and former State Rep. Dick Batchelor’s Twitter: @DickJBatchelor


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