BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - The first week of early voting is wrapping up, and on Sunday there was a steady flow of voters who showed up once the polling location opened in Brevard County.

What You Need To Know

While most people were going about their Sunday routine, longtime voter Michael Fried decided to wake up early to beat the crowds. So far almost 75,000 people voted in the county; more than half of the total number for 2016 general election with 118,389.

“Thought it would be smart on a Sunday morning to come and vote,” he says. “I figured people would be at church, sleeping in, having brunch and i=I'd be here voting and I don't have to wait."

Mail ballots and early voting wasn't something Fried grew up with but it has become very convenient. But he admits, mail-in ballots is not something he's planning on doing anytime soon.

“I didn't grow up with early voting , on Election Day you went it and vote,” he explains.

With more registered voters in Brevard County this election by over 40,000, Fried admits, waiting in line on November 3 is not part of his plans anymore.

“On election day the lines will be out the door. And i'm not a patient person, I'm a New Yorker which says it all,” Fried said with a laugh.

Mail-in ballots are taking the lead in numbers. So far the supervisor of elections office received 116,977 and counting, compared to 92,708 in 2016.

In 2016 voter turnout was about 77 percent and so far this year without counting Election Day, voter turnout is about 42 percent.

“Brevard’s voters have been turning out in record numbers," said Brevard County Supervisor of Elections​ Lori Scott.

"Without previous historical data to reference as to how, or if, voters would vote during a global pandemic, it has been extremely gratifying to see this surge and hear the overwhelming positive feedback regarding the COVID-19 safety measures we’ve put in place to protect those passionate about exercising their most fundamental constitutional right."