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Have fun like the experts! Get the inside scoop on your favorite Florida attractions, from new rides and special events to helpful tips and tricks. Find out everything you need to know with Ashley Carter and Allison Walker every Friday on the Attractions Insider podcast.





Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter is a digital journalist who covers the fast-paced and ever-changing world of Florida theme parks and attractions. She joined Spectrum News 13 in 2013 and produced around-the-clock news coverage — first on TV and then for the station’s digital platforms. For Ashley, the most meaningful stories are the ones that help people and keep them informed.

Allison Walker

Allison Walker is Spectrum News 13's In Focus host as well as a reporter and anchor. She’s been a part of the news team since March 2007. Being a specialist in entertainment and with the In Focus show, she gets to discover all kinds of talented artists, performers, and musicians. Allison is inspired by the countless number of compelling people she’s met along the way. She’s a pro at crafting a story with a script, visuals, and sound. She’s a three-time Emmy Award-winner for her On the Town franchise and a two-time Associated Press award finalist.

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