ORLANDO, Fla. — The sleeping traveler that’s moved around the halls of Orlando International Airport (MCO) has finally received some well-needed touch-ups.

What You Need To Know

  • The head-turning sculpture has been sleeping through the halls of Orlando International Airport for nearly 40 years
  • The artwork, originally sculpted by Duane Hanson, has been touched up by art conservator Diana Galante
  • The piece continues to serve as a memorable part of a traveler’s journey at the Orlando airport

Duane Hanson’s hyperrealistic sculpture “The Traveler” has slept through the hallways of MCO since 1985 and hasn’t aged a bit. The man, donning clothes reminiscent of his time, sleeps soundly surrounded by bulks of baggage by his side. He is currently enclosed in a glass case located on Level 3 of the Main Terminal.

Art conservator Diana Galante was careful to not wake him up from his almost 40-year slumber, MCO teased on its X account, jokingly.

“I loved working on this project,” said Galante, in a press release. “Duane Hanson’s artworks are so accessible to the public, but also technically masterful. As an art conservator, it’s my job to preserve artwork for the future, which I did by meticulously cleaning the surfaces, then stabilizing and filling losses to the paint. It’s not often I get to be part of the installation.”

The sleeping man serves as a memorable part of travelers' journeys through the Orlando airport. Passersby often beg the question “is he real?” and can use the sculpture as a means of finding their way through the busy airport.