DELAND, Fla. — A+ Teacher Linda Bowers goes all out to embrace the holiday season, and she’s found ways to teach math by creating dances, songs, and games to make learning fun. 

What You Need To Know

  • Linda Bowers teaches at Southwestern Middle School in DeLand 

  • Bowers has taught for more than three decades 

  • Rapping, dancing and creating games are some of the ways she goes all out to make learning fun and memorable 

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Linda Bowers has a unique teaching style to make connections with her students.

“When we do the drum roll and they see the right answer — it’s a fun environment. So whether they’re wrong or not, as you heard, they were clapping for other tables,” she said.

In recognition of the Christmas season, Bowers has found creative ways to teach math. Her classroom becomes a glow room while she’s decked out in the clothing of one of Santa’s helpers.

She teaches sixth- and seventh-graders and when Spectrum News 13 stopped by her class recently, she said, “We’re on inequalities and equations, and I found that the regular book that we use is kind of boring for the kids. So I took the packet home, and I created a Jeopardy game for them.

“It’s different because they have the teams they can work with. They have the buzzers that they can press, and they’re more engaged in the activity than they would be if it was from the book."

Learning is the No. 1 goal, but that’s not all, Bowers said.

“First, I hope that they get that they are loved and that I welcome them home every day when they come in," she said. "This is their home. But you have to make it fun. You have to make it interesting, and you have to make it safe for them in this environment.”

Making it fun is an understatement for Bowers who created a rap song and a dance to share with her students to not only make them smile, but to help them learn math.