ORLANDO, Fla -- Disney Cast Members are taking a stand for better pay. 

Local 362, one of the Unions representing Disney workers, hosted a rally near cast member parking behind Magic Kingdom on Thursday night.

Some of the cast members say the way Disney treats them is unsustainable and is leaving them to look for other options to keep their families afloat. 

When Cast Member Nicholas Maldonado returns home after being awake for 24 hours working a double shift, he finds hardly any food in his fridge.

“This just should not be how we live,” said Maldonado. 

He loves working as a cast member at Disney, but shared that he does not make enough to support him and his disabled wife, despite working seven days a week.

“After we are done paying rent, we don’t have enough to pay for groceries. We don’t have enough to pay for other necessities,” said Maldonado. 

He’s not alone in this struggle, which is why he is joined his fellow cast members in a rally for better wages. Last Month, more than 13,000 cast members voted to reject Disney’s contract proposal, which offered a $1 dollar increase to the hourly starting wage, which would put the minimum wage at $16 an hour and then gradually raise it to $20 per hour over the next five years.

“Enough is enough and I am just sick and tired and I am just upset,” said Maldonado. “I am beyond angry at the company. “

He said its frustrating to see Disney hold firm on their wages, despite investing in new big budget attractions like Tron Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom. 

 “What about us?,” asked Maldonado. “There would be no vacation for any of the guests coming through the gates if it wasn’t for us cast members. You say we are the heart and soul of the company. Well you know what? Enough of the lip service.”

As passionate as Maldonado is about working at Disney and making magic for guests, he claimed if things don’t change soon, he will have to explore other options like joining the military. 

 “Thats the last, last resort, but if it comes down to that, it comes down to that,” said Maldonado.

A Disney spokesperson released a statement to Spectrum News that said: “We look forward to resuming discussions with the union and reaching an agreement that raises cast member wages."