BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Hurricane Ian continues to leave a mark in Brevard County.

Even though flooding is not a big concern, some sinkholes have started opening up in various spots in the county.

What You Need To Know

  • Hurricane Ian left behind sinkholes in Brevard

  • Part of State Road A1A in Cocoa Beach closed because of sagging road

  • Officials are not yet certain of the depth of that sinkhole or how long repairs will take

  • Other sinkholes were spotted on Merritt Island, near Cocoa

Cocoa Beach Police had to shut down one of the southbound lanes of busy State Road A1A at the intersection of South 4th Street. Police and fire officials responded earlier in the day when they got a report of the road sagging in and closed it off.

Public works employees arrived at the scene quickly to take a closer look, but say it will take some time to determine the full extent of the issue. 

A resident who lives part of the year in condos in Cocoa Beach and the rest in Wisconsin said his family fared pretty well as Ian passed through, but issues like sinkholes are somewhat concerning.

“I’ve kind of been telling everybody we escaped and then, you know, here we have a sinkhole right outside our house," Robert Basler said. "So, a little less certain now. But you hear stories about the river continuing to come up. So yeah, it’s not over yet.”

It’s not clear how long the repair work in Cocoa Beach will take as officials had to cut into the roadway and dig down further.

The sinkhole on SR A1A is not the only one the Space Coast. There is one on Merritt Island that was sinking part of a resident’s backyard fence, and another in unincorporated Brevard near Cocoa created a massive hole in the middle of a sidewalk.