With only a few more days until the primary election in Florida, a push for voter turnout continues to increase.

What You Need To Know

  • Andrea Mercado is the Executive Director of Florida Rising

  • She is proud of the Latinas en Marcha's goal of getting out the vote

  • Organizers want to inspire women to make their voices heard

Latinas En Marcha hosted a voting summit in Orlando for the first time. Organizers say the movement focuses on energizing and inspiring women to exercise their rights. That includes voting and encouraging others to get out to the polls.

“Today is about coming together and lifting our collective voices to make changes for our community, and voting is one way we can make change,” explained Andrea Mercado.

As the executive director of Florida Rising, Mercado says it makes her proud to see initiatives like Latinas en Marcha paving the way for voter education.

Women across Central Florida connected with local Latina organizations and learned about their work in the community for hours on Saturday afternoon. 

“With some joy, with some culture, and to give us the motivation to go out there and talk with our friends and neighbors,” said Mercado while discussing the event’s importance.

The group wrapped up their day by going out to canvas and urging their neighbors to use the rights they have to vote.

August 21st is the last day for many counties across Florida to cast their early ballots before the primary election..

“It’s been really beautiful to see this event come together and so many people getting energized by this space,” Mercado said.