ORLANDO, Fla. — Tuesday marks the last chance for people across Central Florida to cast a ballot, as the evening early voting polls begin to close. Officials are excited to see people out to vote on Election Day, as some counties saw early voter turnout that was shy of expectations.

What You Need To Know

  • Mail-in ballots remained the primary source of votes across parts of Central Florida ahead of Election Day

  • Voter turnout in some counties has not lived up to the 2018 primary election

  • Those who plan to vote on Election Day need to double check their polling precinct, as the reapportionment process may have given you a different polling place this year

Sunday was the final day to vote early for people living in Osceola and Orange Counties, and Christopher Gonsalves hit the polls bright and early just after doors opened.

“It was just a matter of convenience. I hadn’t had an opportunity to come out before today," he said.

Gonsalves was one of many who the Orange County Supervisor of Elections hoped would show up to the polls. Their goal was to match the same numbers seen in 2018, which was also a primary election.

“We’re about 8,000 voters shy of what we did in 2018, so hopefully, each day has been a higher number of early voters. So today’s the last day," said Bill Cowles, Orange County Supervisor of Elections, at the start of Sunday's early voting. "Hopefully, we’ll get up there to match 2018."

Over in Seminole County, early voting wrapped up a day prior on Saturday.

"While the last three primaries saw an average of 25 percent turnout, we're at about 45,354 votes, which puts us at a 13 percent turn out," said Chris Anderson, Seminole County Supervisor of Elections. "(That's) extremely low turnout."

Now, all there’s left is Election Day, and officials are hopeful people will show up in numbers— and most importantly, show up at the right place.

This year, many people may find themselves assigned to a different precinct, as the past year's reapportionment process made changes to adjust for population growth. 

“I want voters to know their assigned precinct. They need to know where to go," said Anderson.

Turnout numbers in other counties thus far include:

  • ​Brevard County: 15 percent
  • Flagler County: 23 percent
  • Lake County: 11 percent
  • Marion County: 14 percent
  • Sumter County: 31 percent
  • Volusia County: 18 percent

If you don’t know your polling precinct, you can call your local elections office, or head over to their website.

You can also find information on our Spectrum News App. Just click on “Your Voter Guide” to find your precinct and other Election Day details.