Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed six bills into law that are designed to support local military families Thursday, clearing the way for veterans to enjoy better educational and career opportunities across the state. 

What You Need To Know

  • DeSantis signed six bills into law Thursday

  • Each was aimed at helping veterans further their careers

  • All bills were passed with unanimous support in the Florida Legislature

The six bills include a measure that allows disabled veterans to get education costs fully paid for and another allows state agencies to substitute military service for years of work experience, something that will allow veterans to use their skills after their military career ends.

Other measures would allow military service to count as education towards a teaching certificate, as well as fast-track business applications of veterans and their spouses. 

“Florida is the most military friendly state in the nation, and I am proud to continue that commitment to our military members and their families by signing these pieces of legislation,” DeSantis said. “Providing military families with the resources they need to receive a high-quality education and find good jobs is the best way that we, as a state, can show our appreciation for the sacrifices that they make.”

Former members of the armed services voiced their support of the measures as well.

‎“We’re very appreciative of Gov. DeSantis’ unwavering support of ‎Florida’s 1.5 million veterans, their families and survivors," said retired Marine ‎Corps Maj. Gen. James S. “Hammer” Hartsell, executive director of ‎the ‎Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs. "As a Navy combat-deployed veteran‎, he ‎appreciates the importance of expanding earned benefit eligibility to our ‎active-duty members, our veterans and their family members.

‎“Working together to offer ‎enhanced educational and workforce opportunities for our nation’s heroes, ‎we’ll ensure ‎Florida continues ‎to be the most sought-after state by veterans ‎in the nation.”‎

The bills also affect the National Guard, something that was noted by Maj. Gen. Jim Eifert. 

“I’d like to thank the Legislature and Gov. DeSantis for all they’ve done for the Soldiers and Airmen of the Florida National Guard,” Eifert said in a statement.  “These bills will go a long way to help our Citizen Soldiers and their spouses have opportunities for meaningful employment.

"Solid career opportunities lead to a well-rounded and ready force, and a stable home environment prepares our Guardsmen and their families for deployments, to include disaster response.”

All six bills were passed unanimously in both chambers of Florida’s legislative body, indicating a broad base of support for the measures.