ORLANDO, Fla. — Alligator mating season has begun so they are on the move, and people need to keep an eye out for the reptiles when they are enjoying the outdoors, Gatorland warns.

Alligators are looking for mates and nesting sites, and any body of water in Florida can be a home for them, Gatorland cautioned. In early morning or evening hours, the reptiles are most active, and they might think any splashing is an animal at the water’s edge or an animal in distress.

Not only that, alligators can be particularly territorial during mating season, which continues through late August or early September, experts for the attraction that works with over 2,000 alligators and  crocodiles every day noted.

Gatorland also offered the following tips to avoid problems with alligators:

  • Low water levels also increase movement by the large reptiles.
  • Stay away from alligators in the wild, and do not feed them. It is against the law in Florida to feed or antagonize alligators living in the wild. Alligators who are fed by humans can become more comfortable around them and could even start showing up near people's homes.
  • Even small alligators can cause serious injuries.
  • Keep pets away from areas where alligators may lurk because they could be confused for animals that the reptiles commonly consume, like possum.
  • If an alligator chases you, run as quickly as you can to get away. Run in a straight line; don't zigzag.
  • People with concerns about an alligator can contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission through http://myfwc.com/.