ORLANDO, Fla. — People against mandatory vaccines for local business employees are making their voices heard.

A group of protesters gathered in downtown Orlando over the weekend to oppose vaccine mandates in place for Orange County employees, Walt Disney World employees and other local company imposing mandates.

Protest organizers said mandates are setting the wrong precedent.

“This is a medical decision that they should make with themselves, their doctors, their families,” said event organizer Justin Harvey. “And first, it’s no one else's business and second there's risk and involved and when there’s risk you have to give people a choice."

This week, Gov. Ron DeSantis started issuing fines against those requiring people get vaccinated.

His administration says mandates go against their "vaccine passport" law.

Leon County is now facing a nearly $3.6-million fine from the state health department.

The county is just one of over 100 entities that could face hefty fines.