ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Part of President Joe Biden’s American Families Plan involves making 2 years of community college free for every American. 

What You Need To Know

  •  As part of President Biden's American Families Plan, every American would be eligible for two years of free community college

  •  The free college would cost about $109 billion

  • It would be part of a much larger $1.8 trillion spending plan

Christian Mantilla studies sound production at Valencia College. 

“That’s really expensive actually, and this college gives good opportunities,” he said. 

Three years in, he says he would have loved to take advantage of something like Biden’s American Families Plan, which includes provisions for two years of free community college for anyone. 

Mantilla believes it would help so many others who want to better themselves. 

“I think it’s something great … to find ways to help those who cannot afford to get some education,” he said. 

CEO of Voyage Retirement Solutions, Daniel Rey, said that proposal has the potential to stimulate the American economy in the long run. 

When more people gain the ability to earn more income, they’re able to spend more, he said. 

“You have employers who are willing to, be able to invest into that knowledge base, that skill set, and when they’re investing into that individual that money is going right back into the economy,” Rey said. 

But this plan comes with a hefty price tag: Approximately $109 billion for the free college, which is part of the much larger $1.8 trillion plan. 

“I think a lot of folks are going to be either concerned or worried about what this $1.8 trillion of additional spending is gonna do to the U.S. economy,” Rey said. 

Biden says they can pay for the plan by increasing taxes on the wealthy, but Rey says that may have a negative impact that can still trickle down to the middle and lower class. 

“What kind of an impact that’s going to have on the workforce and the ability to be able to hire additional employees,” he said. 

Of course, Rey says there is no way to be sure what the impacts will be from proposals like this. 

But both he and Mantilla agree it has the potential to help a lot of people. 

“It would give, like, hope to those who think they are, that they don’t’ have, don’t fit in society because they don’t have the opportunities that others have,” Mantilla said. 

Many predict this plan will be a tough sale in congress because of the high price tag. ​