ORLANDO, Fla.— The Catholic Diocese of Orlando is going all out when it comes to high tech in the classroom. 

What You Need To Know

  • Catholic Diocese of Orlando using new camera system for virtual learning

  • Diocese purchased one camera for every classroom

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It purchased new camera systems that will help students who stay at home during virtual learning.

Teachers take turns being stars of their own show. Today's classroom is learning how to operate a new camera system. It's called “Swivel,” and just like the name, this device follows the teacher's every move.

“We wanted the teachers to not have one more thing to do, so something that was easier for the teachers to manage in the classroom,” Margie Garland Aguilar, a tech specialist for the Catholic Diocese of Orlando, said.

Teachers in another classroom act as virtual students, which allows them to experience virtual learning.

“They can feel like they are still part of the class, and in the classroom, while they're at home,” Catholic Diocese teacher Leanne Wendrick said.

 A computer tablet is placed on top of the device, and integrates "Zoom" conferencing technology, and it’s all interactive. Teachers see all participating students and can even spotlight one individual.

“I think it's best by them actually raising their hand on-screen because I can keep monitoring that while I'm walking around the room,” Wendrick said.

The Diocese of Orlando invested heavily in the system, purchasing one camera for every classroom in every school. Each Swivel unit costs about $1,000.

Today's new normal is stretching the limits for all teachers. But learning is the goal, and these teachers said they want to do right for students who stay at home.

Classes begin in a couple weeks, and teachers said they want to be professionals by the time students log in.