ROCKLEDGE, Fla. — Imagine being a new business owner, but then COVID-19 hit, forced a temporary shutdown, and then led to capacity restrictions. That's exactly what happened to 2 Angry Wives Pub in Rockledge.

What You Need To Know

  • 2 Anry Wives Pub in Rockledge opened just before the pandemic

  • The pub's owners are proactively closing the bar

  • The pub is undergoing a deep cleaning, testing all employees

The business owners in Brevard County say they are closing their pub temporarily again out of an abundance of caution. 2 Angry Wives Pub co-owner Mark Ingram says the decision to close for a week wasn't easy because bills still have to be paid, but they want to be proactive.

“i think we are going to be OK, but if we are not it's still about being safe,” he said.

His partner in crime, Ashley Johnson, says when the bar opened in January it was full of potential until COVID-19 happened.

“Full bar, live music, darts, kids running around. But that's not exactly what's happening now,” Johnson explained.

After seeing images of an Orlando bar where dozens of people tested positive for coronavirus, they knew getting all of their employees tested was the right decision. Closing the bar for deep cleaning and awaiting the test results will cost the business an estimated $15,000 in revenue.

For Johnson, no amount of money is worth the risk. Although right now it's a struggle, she can sleep at night knowing she's making sure her customers are safe.

“We just knew in the long run the safety of everybody else, our family and kids, was the most important,” she said.

And for Ingram, it's about setting a positive example, showing other business owners that simple steps can help stop the spread.

“I was an anti-mask guy, and the last two weeks I'm a mask guy,” Ingram said.

Although the bar is empty and the lights turned off, they both agree that knowing their business won't be responsible for getting anyone sick is priceless. 2 Angry Wives Pub will re-open for business next Tuesday.

Several other businesses in Brevard County are also being proactive, like Cryderman's Barbecue in Cocoa. They are temporarily closing to test all their employees and to deep clean their restaurant.