SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — Longwood Mayor Matt Morgan is stepping back in to the political ring.

On Friday morning, the former WWE "superstar" and current Longwood mayor filed his paper work at the supervisor of elections office to run for the Seminole County Commission District 1 seat, which is currently held by Bob Dallari.

Morgan was elected to Longwood’s city commission in 2017 and in just two years went on to become the city’s deputy mayor, and then mayor which is his current role for the city. 

Morgan also was appointed to Sheriff Dennis Lemma’s opioid council.

Before officially filing, Morgan explained his decision on why he wants to win this seat in Seminole County.

"I want to be this county's 7-foot 300-pound backbone," Morgan said. "And give them back the power and the decision-making process in Seminole County. 

"Not the jury, judge and executioner, I say that with all respect, I get along with Bob."

News 13 has reached out to Dallari for comment, or to see if he intends to run once again for a seat he has held for 16 years, but we have not heard back yet.