ORLANDO, Fla. -- Dr. Candice Jones knows a thing or two about staying safe around sick people. That’s why she’s sharing her trade secrets on how to wear and remove personal protective equipment.

"It is now recommended you wear masks in public. (But) you don’t have to wear them at home" unless you're caring for someone who's ill at home, says Jones, an Orlando pediatrician.

As for the proper way to put on, first you should wash your hands, then she demonstrates the proper technique using a surgical mask. You may not have one of those, but whatever covers your face, the key is that it fits snugly.

For men, that could mean grooming your beard.

"Make sure the color side is out. You want to put it on your face… loop it around your ears… There’s a metal piece here make it snug around your nose, make it snug around your face. It should be around your nose and around your chin. Once it’s on, no more touching.”

"Consider trimming down as much as possible," Jones says.

Once it's on, you can go about your business. But be careful with your hands when you take it off.

"Clean and sanitize your hands. Don’t touch this part... Reach back and remove from your ears or untie it and take it off," she says as she removes her mask.

If you make your own cloth mask or face covering, Jones says you should remove it the same way and wash it between uses. Making yourself a few masks to rotate will help.

She also recommends frequent hand-washing over wearing gloves, but if you decide to wear them, remember a couple of things:

"Once you start to touch things, you’re in produce, the milk and eggs, the cereal... You’ve touched everything, and you could be potentially spreading germs and viruses," Jones says.

And never touch your face or phone while wearing them. Once they're on you, treat them as though they're contaminated, she says.

To take them off, "grab the middle of the glove, without touching your hand or wrist... fold it up in this hand, then this is your clean hand -- you can now reach under and touch your arm. Then pull this off," Jones says while demonstrating.

You should also properly dispose of your contaminated PPE so others don’t end up touching it, Jones says.