SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A bright group of high school students in Seminole County won a first place trophy in NASA’s astronaut challenge.   

  • Seminole County students win NASA competition
  • The group placed first in the Astronaut Challenge
  • The students worked almost all year to participate

Hard work definitely paid off for one group of Lyman High School students who took home the top prize in NASA’s Astronaut Challenge.  

It’s a tiring and demanding competition —these students worked almost all year to participate. 

NASA challenges the students with space flight simulation, engineering challenge, design challenge and landing simulation.

This group of six competed in years past never quit grabbing the top prize, but this time around something gelled.  

“This we nailed it. This year finally got through to the point that we had worked towards with all of our time and effort we put into it,” said Alexandra Esteban, a senior at Lyman High School.

Half of the winning team are seniors and will graduate this year.

The other half have one more year at Lyman High School, so you might see them competing again next year.