ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking for the public’s help in documenting a disorder its experts have found in some Florida panthers and bobcats.

FWC officials said neurological damage was confirmed in one panther and one bobcat.

According to the agency, impacted panthers and bobcats have been walking abnormally and have trouble “coordinating their back legs.”

In a press release, they said trail camera footage recorded several panther kittens and one adult bobcat with the abnormalities.

Additionally, FWC said it has collected several videos of the affected panthers and bobcats in Collier, Lee, and Sarasota counties, along with photos of an impacted panther in Charlotte County.

So far, officials believe the disorder is localized to those counties, but they’re asking the public to submit videos that could help them in their investigation. People can also email FWC at Panther.Sightings@MyFwc.com.

Florida panthers are an endangered species in the state. Biologists estimate there are about 200 left in the wild.