TAVARES, Fla. -- Tempers flared during a Lake County Commission meeting Tuesday, and it was all about a controversial confederate statue.

  • Lake County Historical Society to receive Confederate statue
  • Commissioners voted in favor of the plan Tuesday
  • The decision was met with opposition

For more than four hours, county lawmakers listened to public input about whether or not the Lake County Historical Society should receive a statue of a Confederate general.

In the end, commissioners voted to allow the museum to move forward with plans to accept the statue, a decision which drew much emotion from those opposed.

"It was an easy decision for you. If the statue was already in place in Lake County and people were saying take it down, that would have been a hard decision for you. This was an easy decision not to bring something that causes division in your community. This is your community. You were elected to represent all of us.”

The statue remains in Washington D.C. until plans are finalized by the County Historical Society to receive the controversial figure.​