BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Nine students have been inducted into the Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program, making its inaugural class.

The SCCAP is an industry-driven apprenticeship program created in direct response to HB 7071, which relates to workforce education.

Manufacturing companies including OneWeb Satellites, RUAG Space, Rocket Crafters, and Knights Armament are leading the way in the apprenticeships.

1) What is the program?

The program is registered with the Florida Department of Education and will be led in partnership with Eastern Florida State College.

The two-year apprenticeship program will develop mechatronics technicians, fiber composite technicians, and advanced CNC/DNC machinists.

2) How does it work?

Student apprentices will work part-time paid positions at SCCAP member companies while attending Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) for degrees in Engineering Technologies and Aerospace Technologies. Students will work three days a week and go to school two days a week and tuition is covered.

3) What comes next?

Upon the conclusion of the apprenticeship program, successful student apprentices will be offered a full-time position with the member companies.

4) Who qualifies?

"Apprentice" is someone at least 16 years of age who is engaged in learning a recognized skilled trade through actual work experience under journey workers and journeymen craftsmen.

Training should be combined with properly coordinated studies of related technical and supplementary subjects.

5) How do students benefit?

Student apprentices will have many career advancement opportunities to include further college education and training supported by SCCAP and its member companies.

6) What happened at the signing ceremony?

The signing ceremony is the first of its kind after Gov. Ron DeSantis visited the Space Coast to sign CS/HB 7071, a bill geared towards workforce training and apprenticeships. It requires school districts to allow students to fulfill some high school graduation requirements with work-based learning programs.​