ORLANDO, Fla.— A 33-year-old Orlando woman remains jailed after bringing a loaded 9mm handgun to a church Sunday, making threatening statements and struggling with others for control of the weapon, records show.

  • Ileana Ivette Munizpou jailed
  • Woman charged with 7 crimes
  • Suspect kicked cop's head, authorities say

Ileana Ivette Munizpou was being held Tuesday without bond at the Orange County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm.

Orlando Police arrested her Sunday at Redeem By God Church – Place of Worship at 6509 Hazeltine National Drive — and charged her with six other crimes: impersonating a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting with violence and resisting without violence and battery.

Witnesses told police Munizpou came into the church and said she wanted to record something that was about to happen. She left and returned to her vehicle, a report said.

One of the witnesses approached Munizpou while she was in the vehicle and now wearing a vail. Munizpou asked the witness if he was the pastor or the son of God. According to another witness, Munizpou “said there was someone inside of the church she wanted to kill and said someone else was on the way to do more shooting,” a police report said.

Ileana Ivette Munizpou (Orange County Jail)

The witnesses struggled to get the gun from Munizpou and one of them grabbed it. She was being restrained by the witnesses when one of the officers arrived.

As the officer began putting her into handcuffs, she pushed herself up to face the officer, saying she was a cop.

“To ensure my safety and those around me, I grabbed [her] right arm and brought her right wrist, hand, and elbow behind her back and upwards to gain control and compliance of her,” the officer wrote. “As I was doing this, I could feel what I believed to be some resistance and I was saying ‘“Stop.’”

Then she said she was a state trooper and had 100 bullets. The officer retrieved her gun and found two loaded magazines. She said she was hurt while being handcuffed, so she was taken to a local hospital.

She refused to stay in a bed in a treatment room, so officers restrained both of her arms to the hospital bed.

“While placing [her] into the bed, she grabbed a hold of my keys on my gun belt, breaking them from my belt. I attempted numerous times to break her grip free from enclosing the keys in her right hand,” an officer wrote. “While trying to gain control her, [she] kicked me in the head.”

She has a permit to carry a concealed firearm, but her behavior indicted she was going to harm herself or others, police said.