ORLANDO, Fla. — As Florida lawmakers continue to consider allowing teachers access to guns in the classrooms, an Orlando company is developing technology to help ease concerns about safety.

  • Serious Simulations developing classroom applications
  • Bluetooth, WiFi tech already in use with guns in the military
  • Modifications would allow law enforcement, school admins to control access, use of guns
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Serious Simulations is adding Bluetooth and WiFi technology to guns so that law enforcement and school administrators can control access and use of the teachers’ guns. The technology is already in use in the military.

Cameras and GPS on the guns also would allow law enforcement to help keep teachers safe while police are potentially still on their way to a scene.

“They are not lethal-force professionals by trade, so what we’re offering is a level of comfort for the teachers, students, and parents to know there’s more than reliance on just that one individual,” said Chris Chambers, CEO and Found of Serious Simulations.

So far the technology isn’t in use in any local schools.  Chambers says the company is continuing to develop it further.