ORLANDO, Fla. -- 5 pm advisory: Tropical Storm Debby has dissipated over the cold North-Atlantic waters.


Tropical Storm Debby continues to churn in the North Atlantic and will likely become post-tropical later today or tonight.

The latest update indicates winds are 45 mph, and it's moving to the northeast at 17 mph. Located about 1,500 miles west-northwest of the Azores, the system still poses no threat to land.

Elsewhere in the tropics, the Atlantic basin remains quiet, thanks to high amounts of Saharan dust in the upper atmosphere and cooler-than-average sea-surface temperatures.

Strong wind shear over the Caribbean is also keeping activity from developing.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific, Hurricane Hector continues to move away from the Hawaiian Islands. The storm, which passed south of the islands, is a major hurricane with winds of 120 mph. It is now located about 350 miles southwest of Honolulu.

All tropical alerts for Hawaii have been discontinued, but Hector will continue to produce gusty winds and high surf to Hawaii.