OCALA, Fla. — Officials say tests are still underway on sinkholes that opened up in the Fore Ranch Community in the Wynchase subdivision in Ocala. GEO-TECH employees say they're looking for lime rock with standard ground penetration tests.

  • Sinkholes drain retention pond in Ocala community
  • 12-15 sinkholes in Fore Ranch 
  • 8 families evacuated
  • Tests still being conducted

City officials say a week ago, sinkholes started opening up in the area. The retention pond the sinkholes were forming in has drained.

In total, officials say there are about 12-15 of them. 

"Having them so close makes you wonder, is there a big sinkhole underneath of here or are they just staying over by the lake?" said Maren Pinder, who lives next to the townhouses that were evacuated.

City officials say in 2012, a huge sinkhole opened up in the same subdivision.

"This area is called a karst sensitive area, which means the lime rock which separates the aquifer from the top, basically there's not that much sediment and soil above the time rock," said City Engineer, Sean Lanier. 

Ponder said officials told her, her townhome is safe. 

"That’s reassuring but at the same time having a giant sinkhole next to your house is pretty scary," said Pinder. ​

Eight families have been evacuated and until testing is done, officials say there's no word yet on when they can return.​