VIERA, Fla. — Commissioners in Brevard County voted unanimously Tuesday to allow employees with concealed carry permits to carry guns on the job.

  • Brevard allows county workers who have permits to carry guns
  • New policy takes effect immediately for county's 2,000 workers
  • Decision reverses previous county commission decision

The commission voted 5-0 during their regular Board of County Commissioners meeting.

The new policy takes effect immediately. Any of the county's more than 2,000 concealed-weapons-permitted employees can now carry a firearm on the job.

"These are law-abiding citizens," Commissioner John Tobia said. "For one reason or another, this previous county commission had said they don't deserve the right to have their gun at work. I disagreed with that, and thankfully, this board changed that policy," Tobia said.

Tobia had previously made the proposal to allow Brevard employees to have guns on the job. It required commissioners to amend a previous policy banning those who did not serve in law enforcement or in security positions.

"To disenfranchise them for a right we provide our public is, I think, patently wrong," Tobia said.

The policy does not apply to what's called the county's five elected "constitutional officers," including the sheriff, and also doesn't affect Brevard School District employees.

"I think if you've done the work, and you've had the background check, I think everyone has the right to protect themselves," Commissioner Kristine Isnardi said.

Guns still won't be allowed at county commission meetings, nor courthouses, jails or polling places.

Lake County Commissioners recently adopted a similar policy.

The identities of concealed carry permit-holders aren't made public due to state statute.

"I have faith in our county employees to act responsibly," Tobia said.