A man lost most of his right hand in a fireworks accident in Leesburg on Thursday night, Lake County deputies say.

  • Brett Demascio injured by what he thought was a "dud"
  • Demascio in fair condition at Ocala Regional Medical Center

The incident happened at a home on the 2500 block of Virginia Drive.

Witnesses told deputies that while in the home's garage, Brett Demascio tried to re-light a mortar-style firework that he thought was a "dud." He picked it up and attempted to throw it into the driveway when it exploded, a Sheriff's Office report said.

“It either exploded in his hand or near his hand. He had to be transported to a specialty facility,” says Leesburg Fire Battalion Chief James Ricketson.

On Friday, Demascio was listed in fair condition at Ocala Regional Medical Center.