The man known in Orlando as the "Hello Kitty" rapist, so named for his identifying tattoo, was sentenced to life in prison Friday.

A judge sentenced Edgar Collazo to concurrent life terms, plus an additional 37½ years behind bars.

It took an Orange County jury a little more than an hour in July to find Collazo, 25, guilty of three attacks in a span of four years.

Prosecutors said Collazo raped an Afghanistan war veteran at the Bellagio Apartments in 2010, and a college student at the Auvers Village Apartments in 2012. He then attempted to rape a woman in an Orlando IHOP parking lot in 2014.

Collazo became known as the "Hello Kitty" rapist because of a tattoo of the character on his arm.

Collazo did not testify during his trial in July.