Twenty-six people are facing felony charges following a large dog fighting ring bust in Orange County.

It happened Tuesday night at a home on the 200 block of West 7th Street.

Police said they've been investigating the home for approximately two months and discovered a pretty sophisticated operation, which spanned Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties.

Police Chief Robert Manley said the fights were a big moneymaker. He said the man who lived in the home, Adelle Dawson, was going to make between $7,200 and $8,000 that night until police made the bust.

“This home has been set up,” said Sgt. Kim Walsh. “It’s got treadmills in it for the dogs to run on. It’s got bait. They have raccoons back there that they use to train the dogs on.  It is definitely set up as a dog fighting activity.”

Police also found horse steroids, blood boosters and other drugs that were used to try to make the dogs stronger and better able to fight.

Approximately 40 people were at the home, including two children, ages 5 and 6, who live there.

"You have children in the community and it makes it difficult for them to come outside and play because you never know," said Ann Carter, a neighbor. "And like I said, you are constantly training these dogs, and you are training them to have a thirst for blood and that is a very dangerous situation."

Officers had to use stun guns on four people as they tried to get away. Seven people were injured and transported to the hospital.

Manley said the dogs weren't aggressive toward people, but were trained to kill other dogs.

"After we broke up the fight, we had one of them caged up and one of them took off running," Manley said. "As it passed the 15 (to) 20 dogs out there, he kept attacking. That's all these dogs do is attack each other. It was very tragic."

Tuesday night, Orange County Animal Services seized some of the dogs outside in cars. Approximately 14 more, including puppies, were taken from the home Wednesday morning.

One of the dogs was taken out on a stretcher. Police believe that dog was involved in the first of four fights at the home.

It's not known what will happen to the animals.

The dog fighting ring wasn’t the only illegal activity on the property, police said.

A marijuana grow house was also found at the home. Police are obtaining a search warrant to take the drugs, evidence and remaining dogs out.

Police said dogs used in previous fights are believed to be buried in the yard.

The city has condemned the house.

The Florida Department of Children and Families has been notified. The children are with their grandparents.

Police said more charges are expected to be filed. The suspects running the ring were actually stealing power from an elderly woman who lives next door.

The people arrested, and their ages, are as follows:

John Henry Anderson Jr., 32
Renaldo J. Bell, 26
Carlos S. Blue, 37
Ted V. Bouler, 26
Jesse J. Combs, 43
Mona M. Cumberland, 32
Adell Dawson, 39
Markeith Duncan, 24
Sidney H. Garrett Jr., 37
Chante A. Goffe, 25
Terrance Haynes, 31
Deleon Hendley, 30
Je Reme Fritzroy Herbert, 22
Devon J. Jackson, 32
Dale Jones, 48
Kevin Latroy Jones, 30
Martin Kerney, 25
Jeriel Mincey, 33
Derrick L. Morss, 41
Benjamin Ponder, 26
Latoya L. Rockmore, 28
Vernon C. Scott, 33
Jarrod Davon Swinton, 23
Antonio White, 30
Markeith Williams, 24
Jonathon T. Wright, 21