A Volusia County judge has ruled the husband of the woman who drove her children into the ocean must stay away from her sister.

Jessica Harrell filed an injunction against Lutful Ronjon, saying she is afraid for her life and Ronjon has threatened her since the accident.

An affidavit filed in court described the history of Ronjon and Harrell’s relationship.

Harrell is the sister of Ebony Wilkerson, the woman who drove her car into the Atlantic Ocean with her three young children inside on March 4. She said her sister was the victim of domestic violence, which she witnessed.

She described past events in which she had to intervene and protect her sister from Ronjon, saying he threatened her with a knife after she tried to step in when her sister was being strangled.

After Wilkerson drove into the ocean, Harrell said the threats from Ronjon have increased.

Harrell said he threatened to kill her if she reports, supports or testifies on behalf of Wilkerson.

The judge has ruled Ronjon stay at least 500 feet away from Harrell and other family members as the custody battle over the children continues.

Meanwhile, Wilkerson sits in jail, charged with attempting to murder her children.

Calls to Ronjon’s attorney were not returned.

Both sides will get together March 20 to determine if the injunction should be continued.